To whoever is reading this, i would like to say congratz because your one of the very very very very very few (none practically)

who checks this blog.

Holidays been pretty down in the dumps for me lately.

So far, just boring… hot… and yea.

Mmm.. i guess it still beats last years summer holiday. but anyways.

I havn’t really done much these holidays.

I’ve been sleeping pretty late lately, chatting, txting a few people, to keep my mind off things.

They’ve been realyl helpful, so i just want to say thx.

recently, i’ve been going out with family to go shopping and eating out etc. bought a few things for a special

occasion in winter.

Hmmm i also found a nice pair of shoes thx to this asian guy who was holding the pair of shoes i wanted in a store in dfo.

I’ve never really been good at blogging or anything, but yeah, this holiday

i think the bad times are over for now.

I got to start thinking of school and study.

Not like i have anything else to do to keep my mind of a few things…

Well yeah, thats about it for this blog. probly my last post for a few months i think.

to whoever is reading this.. thx.


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Just another monday~


well today has been a bit… eventful in a way.

I didnt go anywhere, just stayed home, eat and sleep.

But yea, today while i was on msn, i has a chat with a friend that i havnt talked to in a while xD but yea

the thing that made it eventful… was urmmm….. i forgot that persons name.

so yea i asked that person, then beggedddddd for forgiveness T.T

like seriously BEGGED!

but yes i hope that person doesnt hate me now T.T

but yea mmm other than that it was like any other monday.

mmm nothing really made it special whatsoever, but mmm i guess maybe another day will be a bit more fun.

so yea thx for reading.

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wahhh T.T

WAHH!! (in an asian accent) SO HOT! T.T

but yea hello,

todays sunday and yea…. SUPER HOT AND TIRED! T.T

mmm in the morning today i…..wait….urmm…. yea i was tired so i dont really remember….

Well i was half an hour late to chink school today (Y) yeah rebel!!! xD

but yea mmm after chink school went home to get violin then went to violin.

After violin we went home,

after that… jokes xD

im just too lazy toΒ  type!! T.T

but mmmmmm today…. boring… and hot

and yea

boring blog, i give up for today (Y)

thx for reading

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Saturday (Y)


Rahh todays saturday =.=

yesturday I decided to sleep early and wake up early to start excersising again, after like a year of non active-ness due to school xD

but yea, didnt get to sleep till about 3am T.T couldnt keep still in bed thx to scarey movies T.T

So i ended up waking up at about 7:30 or so. Didnt get to excersise.


Later that day, I went to indro with cuz and sister to watch new moon. Wasn’t too bad πŸ˜‰

jacob is ripped (y) my idol xD

mmm after movie didnt do much, window shopping with family, then went home.

mmmmmmmmmm yea thats bout it xD

well have to sleep a bit more (Y) thx for reading ❀

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This made me wonder =O

While I was ona website (boardofwisdom.com)

I read this quote and it made me think


This is a message to the boyfriend of a girl.

Not too long ago, a boy laid eyes on the most beautiful girl hes ever seen in his life… he didn’t know if love at first sight is real, but if it was, then he sure felt it. She was with a friend of his at the time, he had only looked at her for nothing more than 5 seconds, but he couldnt stop staring. She was so… perfect. When his friend and her left, he couldnt help but keep looking back at her.

Every night, everyday after that, he thought about her. He soon found out she was a friend of his friend on a website, he couldnt help but find out more about her.

When he went onto her website, he found out she was already in a relationship with someone else. At first he didnt expect any less, he thought, a girl like her was too perfect not to be, but… as time went on, his jealously grew… he couldnt accept the fact that someone like her… perfect could be with a guy so unperfect.

4 months past since he saw that girl, and by this time, he was only a few days away from insanity, only then did he decide to take the girl… he decided to make himself perfect… perfect enough to match her. However the girl was still in the relationship, and he knew that she wasn’t one of the kind of girls to let go that easily. He added her on msn and began to talk to her. He had already decide to go for no one else but her and he made sure, that if the boyfriend was to do one single mistake, he would take the chance to get her to fall for him.

The boy is Me.
The girl is everything to me.
The boyfriend… Is no one to me, but everything to her.
This is a message to the boyfriend, If you do one single thing wrong, ill take her away from you.

– not now
is the boy in this story… is he doing the right thing? or the wrong thing..?

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27 oct 09

JO-wheeeee (y)

Hello everyoneee πŸ˜›

well mui mui dedicated a blog to me, so its only fair that i return the favor (y)

Jo-wheener thinks i can blog? PSHHHH i suck, as most of my readers know

by now, my blogs have been super random xD

Mmmm well today was pretty boring, DIDNT WANT TO WAKE UP!!!! ><

Was soooo tired in the morning TT..TT mum had to pull me outa bed.. literally!

I ate breaky and went to school.

School was superrr boring too T.T had D.T first up which was alright,

Then had business after, then had break. Pretty boring break too (y)

mmm today was like anyother, BUT IT CHANGEDDD DURING SECOND BREAK!

something so rare happened! i talked to jo-wheener xD lolololololololololol

mmm the rest of the day was pretty much boring

as u can tell, my life is boring

like this blog, but yea, hope its good enough (y)


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Hello again ^^

Hello again! :]

i hav’nt been blogging at alllllll lately xD too lazy i guess

but yea quite a bit has happened through the last few weeks.

Well mmm assignments are at an all time high this term =S

with maths, physics and world lit due soon, there really isnt much time to bumm around

and search up random crap on youtube anymore xD

But yea other than school, my life outside of school hasnt been to out there either.

Havnt really done anything worth posting about really.

Mmm a few days ago my sister wanted to get more hours done for her learners,

but yea she needed a few hours done at night, so we went to sunnybank to eat at like 10:30pm

it was fun i guess, since our family never ever goes out at night anymore.

Today i got my new violin ^^

it looks smexy (y) but yea im still a super noob beginner, with many many years to go

until i become alrite xD

The violin was about 700, but my teachers one was about 12grand T.T bigggggg difference xD

but yea since im only beginner, a $700 violin is more than enough xD

mmm yea well i have my english world lit to do now, ill post again when i have time

thanks for reading


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